Friday, June 13, 2008

Middle School Camp - Thursday Evening Session

This was our last session with Greg. He had to leave a day early to go and do another seminar. He ended with this last session titled "Living the Legendary Life."

Greg said that those who want to live legendary lives need to be authentic lovers. John 13:34-35 says that the world will know Jesus' disciples by their love for one another. He used 1 John 4:7-11 as his text. He gave four things that authentic love is.

1) Love is an action.

2) Love is unconditional. The Christian shouldn't just love those who love them back. The mark of a Christian is loving everyone no matter what. In Luke 6:32-33 we are told to love those who do not love us. In fact, it is those who are the least lovable that require the most love. "Love can break the hardest heart so faith can grow."

3) Love is a commitment. Feelings come and go. Love is not just a feeling it is something that you choose to do whether there is a feeling or not. Jesus was the perfect example of this kind of love when He died on the cross. He loved even when it was the most painful.

As a side note he said that cliques have no place in love. It is okay to have close friends and best friends as long as it is not at the expense of others.

4) Love doesn't wait. We need to love now. We have no idea when we or our friends are going to go. If we really love them we will tell them about Jesus.

He also made a point of saying that love is apologizing and forgiving others. Matthew 5:23-24 tells us to go and make things right with others before we take our gifts to God. Basically, we can't really worship God in the fullest sense unless we are truly loving others.

We should love even when no on is loving us.

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