Friday, June 13, 2008

Middle School Camp - Friday Morning Session

This was our last session. Scott Ridout was the speaker. He pretty much wrapped up this week by challenging the teens to do something in order to start living legendary lives. He shared his own experience as a youth pastor and the period of time where teens in his youth group were on fire praying for, inviting and leading friends and family to Christ.

He said that our lives need to be lived for what matters in eternity. There are three things that make our lives legendary.

1) We need to be others focused.

2) We need to have great faith. Jesus is capable of anything.

3) We should be willing to do whatever it takes so bring people to Christ.

We can do this by working as a team. Targeting the same people. Praying for those who are targeted and sharing our faith with them.

Teens were challenged to make a HIT (Hearts in Transition) list of people they want to see come to know the Lord. They were challenged to work together, pray together and share together because what is going to matter more is not how popular a person is here but that one's friends are in heaven with them.

Teens were asked to commit to making these principles a part of their lives. Many of our own teens responded to the challenge.

It has been a great week. God has moved our hearts, challenged us, convicted us. He has done many amazing things. Please keep our teens in prayer. Parents, please talk to your teens about what they learned at camp.

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