Friday, July 2, 2010

Haiti Trip - June 29 2010

it is 1:40 in the morning my time. We are on the plane to Miami. Sleeping is very difficult. I think I got a little. If I am right we have about an hour to go. Getting to the airport went well. We were stopped at the dam and they did a random bag check of three suitcases. Check in went very smoothly. There was no one a head of us. The clerk was very impressed with our efficiency. Melissa had made labels for all of us to put on our bags. There were no problems with security as well. We all got safely on to a full plane. The teens seem to be doing very well.

The only snag at this point was on the other end. Wendy and others from the Hatian Christian Mission showed up at the airport in Port Au Prince to pick us up. of course we were not there. I have tried to reach her by phone and email. I have not heard back from her. Hopefully someone is there to pick us up.

On the flight from Florida to Haiti I sat next to an elderly Hatian. He did not speak English nor could he read or write. He gestured for me to fill out his declaration papers. I did the best that I could especially with a language barrier. Right now someones phone is ringing and will not stop! 

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