Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kudos to Corazonas - A Business That Cares

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time it should be obvious that I have a mild concern about good business practices.  The church, though it is not a business, incorporates many business practices.  It has to because it is an organization that deals with lots of people.  My views of good business practices mirror my own growing passion for excellence in the church.  So when I come across an exceptional company that delivers not only a good product but also truly cares about its customers I just have to laud praises in hopes that we will be inspired by their example and encourage others to give them business.

It started at Safeway.  On one of my shopping days I strolled by a display of corn chips put out by a new company called Corazonas.  I didn't pay much attention at first.  I wasn't shopping for corn chips, but something caught my eye.  Above the small 1 oz bags was a coupon that said "Free."  Yes, free always catches my eye.  It was a coupon for a free 1 oz bag of the Corazonas tortilla chips.  So I grabbed the coupon and grabbed a bag.

Later at home I opened the bag and tried the chips.  They were very good.  I had them with a little jalapeno hummus.  Being a new product I began to read about the company.  Corazonas was begun with the goal of creating heart healthy snacks that taste great.  Well that was great.  I am taking cholesterol medicine and am on the look out for foods that are either low in cholesterol or that help lower it.  Corazonas claims that eating their products will actually help lower cholesterol.

So the next time I was at Safeway I got another free bag.  The time after that I got another free bag.  Then on the next visit I grabbed another coupon and noticed that it was either for a free bag of 1 oz or a $1.00 off a 7oz bag.  I went over to the chip aisle and found the 7oz bags on sale and so I purchased one.

Later that day I was in the office snacking on the bag and noticed that as I got closer to the bottom the chips were becoming greasy.  Finally at the bottom of the bag I noticed the last of the chips were extremely greasy. So I got online and went to the Corazonas website.  I was very impressed with what they had to say, but I was a little disappointed in my last bag.

I wrote them an email explaining what had happened, and to my delight they had emailed back.  They apologized for the product and expressed concern about my experience.  They asked that I email the product coding back to them so they could do a quality control check.  This was the first thing that impressed me about the email.  Instead of just apologizing they asked for more info so they could try to do something about the problem in the future.

The second thing I was impressed about was they offered me two bags of product, my choice, for the inconvenience.  I sent them my choices with address.  Within a few days I got a package from them.  I was impressed for a third time.  In the box I found the two bags I had chosen, another bag to replace the one I had a problem with, but that wasn't it.  They also sent some literature containing a coupon for another free bag and an oatmeal bar sample.

Here is a company that truly cares about its customers.  I wish there were more companies that exhibited such customer care.  Corazonas has my business.  They have a healthy great tasting product (not to mention much of it is gluten free) and an honest concern for customers.  Thanks Corazona!!!

Please go to their website and check out their product.  You can find their corn chips at Safeway.  Hopefully Safeway will be getting more of their product.  I have tried the Lightly Salted Corn Chips, the Squeeze of Lime Corn Chips, Black Bean and Cheese Corn Chips, the Spicy Rio Habanero Potato Chips, the Banana Walnut Oatmeal Square and my children have tried their Mediterranean Garlic and Herb Potato Chips.  All of the products we have tried are great!!  Great and healthy!!  Please give them your business!!

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