Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Youth Group - Wednesday Night (07/09/08)

Tonight we will be starting off by doing another SOAP study on Matthew 28:18-20.

I will be introducing the teens to a new tool they can use for evangelism. It is put out by Worldview Academy. It basically centers around the question "What happens when you die?".

There are really only three possible responses. Extinction, meaning the body just returns to the ground. Reincarnation, the soul enters into numerous amounts of bodies each time getting closer to extinction. Heaven or hell, the soul spends eternity either with God or apart from God.

We will closely examine how to respond to each of these answers and also how to respond to "All paths lead to God" and "Jesus was just a good teacher/man."

I encourage parents to sit down and talk about these tools we having been giving their teens. So far they have made a HIT (Hearts in Transition) list of people they would like to see come to know Christ. They have committed to praying for these people. We went over the principles of evangelism seen through the word SHARE. They have been given the Four Spiritual Laws tract. They have made evangelism crosses, and now tonight they will get the Worldview Academy tract.

Parents, pray with your teens. Talk over the tools. Ask them which they feel most comfortable using. Keep them accountable. If they say they are going to share Christ with someone, then find out who and keep the communication lines open about how it is going. Encourage them. Pray for them and their friends. Share your personal stories of evangelism with them.

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