Monday, June 9, 2008

First Day of Middle School Camp "Legend"

We made it to Middle School camp in Big Bear all in one piece. NO BREAK DOWNS!!!! Now that I just said that please be praying for the trip home.

I am going to try and post our sessions with our speaker Greg Speck ( My hope is that you, the readers, and parents can get a glimpse of what is going on during camp and how the students are being challenged.

Tonight was more of an introduction to Greg and to the topic of the week. Greg shared about how he came to know Christ in high school. Before his days as a Christ follower Greg worshiped his god Football. He felt that he was pretty good in this sport, the only problem was, his mother didn't support his playing. Greg asked her why she never attended his games and got the reply "It's too violent!" Seeking his mother's approval he asked her if there were a sport that she would approve of and attend. To this she replied "baseball," and so Greg begin a short lived high school baseball career.

During his first game in the first inning Greg got hurt when he tried to tag a player leading off second base. That night he was taken to the hospital where he received knee surgery. As you can imagine, this changed his sports life.

When he was able to get back to school his friends took his injury lightly but eventually they deserted him when it became obvious he wasn't going to continue to play sports with them. The only person that didn't desert him was a Christian kid named Dennis. Over time Dennis invited Greg to church functions and eventually Greg came to know Jesus. It was on a Sunday while the pastor was preaching. He said to himself "If the difference between them (teens in the church) and me is Jesus, then I want Jesus." That night he went forward. It was a very emotional time for everyone because they had been praying for him.

He now looks back at his life and says that he would give up football a hundred times over in order to choose and follow God. He quoted Philippians 3:7-8 in support of this decision.

With this introduction to his life he introduced the theme of the week "Legend." There are many legends but there is one truth and that is Jesus Christ. He is going to be challenging the teens about living legendary lives for Jesus.

Our teens came up with a couple of goals this week. The first goal is to get closer to one another and what we mean by this is to work on becoming a team and learning how to be open and honest, helping each other in our relationship with Christ. The second goal is to listen to what Greg has to say and come up with a plan to apply it to our lives.

I'm very excited about this week. I hope you are to. Please be praying for us that it isn't just a week of fun but a week that challenges us to become more like Jesus.

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