Monday, October 17, 2016

When Does it Become Gossip?

Just doing some thinking. What really defines gossip as opposed to sharing information for the purpose of prayer? I ask because, even in light of the fact that some Christians use the opportunity to "pray" as an opportunity to gossip, other Christians will use the excuse of not gossiping to not pray for and even ignore the sin of a brother or sister. We get the idea that we shouldn't discuss the sins of brothers and sisters in Christ with each other because it is gossip, but is it?

Jesus commands us to confront one another when sinning. If no repentance takes place we are to confront that person with a couple of other people. That requires talking about a person's sin amongst concerned brothers and sisters.

I think gossip really has to do with the heart more than anything else. Gossip is malicious and lacking in love. Gossip is selfish for it is done to make one's self look good. It does not take into consideration the person the information is about and how the divulging of that information will negatively affect that person. In fact, it doesn't care, or it maybe even done maliciously.

I believe it is important that sins are made known amongst those who are suppose to be caring for one another. I believe we are each other's keeper. There is a fine line to walk between gossip for selfish purpose and the decimating of information in order to help a person through prayer and accountability.

We need to be very careful when we speak of others and their sin. We shouldn't completely avoid such talk, but we need to be wise when we do. The purpose of such talk must be for the benefit and edification of our brother or sister.

If we really care for one another we are going to find loving ways to confront sin. Prayer is essential. The more people praying the better. Support is essential, the more caring people there are supporting and encouraging the better. The more open and known our sin is the better it can be dealt with within a loving community of believers.

Something to think about.

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