Friday, March 2, 2012

Book Review - The Language of Love and Respect: Cracking the Communication Code

I love Emerson Eggerich's writing style. Very easy to follow, full of anecdotal stories that serve as real practical examples of how to apply the whole Love and Respect concept to communication between husband and wife. Overall the book is very good and very recommendable. It can stand alone on its own and can be read without having read the first book.

As just stated, one might get away with just reading this book alone and not reading the previous Love and Respect book.  The material is very similar and all the key concepts  of Love and Respect are fully communicated (the first chapter is admittedly a condensed version of the first book). The difference between this book and its predecessor, in my opinion, is the way Emerson really shows how communication is key to the Love and Respect concept.

The only negative thing I can think of is the repetition of ideas, concepts and even stories.  Emerson does a lot of repeating.  As a pastor I understand why.  Important points are worth repeating over and over in as many different ways as possible to drive home the point.  For some people, though, this may be the only drawback to the book.  For others this won't be a problem.

Overall, this book is very recommendable on a reading level and, more importantly, on a personal and marital development level.  The principles found in this book, if worked, can truly transform a marriage.

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