Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some Thoughts On Leadership

The greatest exposure that a pastor has to a majority of people is from the pulpit.  It is my opinion that so many people are upset based on the fact that the preacher they like is not in the pulpit anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I am not saying this out of jealousy.  I am very sad that people are allowing the Accuser to use this situation to tempt them in leaving a good church that is serious about God's work. A lot of people either forget or don't realize that preaching is one of many roles a pastor has.  Is it sad that he was let go?  Indeed!  But should everything that makes a person sad be left undone?  Of course not.

About three years ago I did a sermon the Sunday before our new pastor came.  The sermon was titled "What is a Pastor's role?"  From 1 Timothy I drew at least three things the pastor is responsible for. The first role of a pastor is to make sure that the truth is being taught (1 Timothy 1:3-7, 15).  He must devote himself to the study of Scripture for himself first (1 Timothy 4:16 & 6:11) and then transmit what he has learned to the body through being the example in speech, life, love, faith and purity (1 Timothy 4:12). The second role was to make sure that worship of God is always at the center of everything the church does (1 Timothy 2).  The third role is making sure that the work of the church is overseen by gifted and properly equipped people (1 Timothy 3).  This means discipleship!

It makes me sick when I hear that people are considering leaving the church because they "feel" for an individual.  That is not a good reason to leave!  Yes, it is a great travesty when anyone leaves the church, but we must realize that the pastor must be held to a higher standard because he is responsible for the health and growth of his flock.  If people are going to leave a church then they must do so not based on emotion, let the emotion spur them on to greater things like supporting, praying and caring for, but instead, people need to leave the church based on good reasons.  They need to see the whole picture of things.  Emotions are a breeding ground for all sorts of ungodly acts because they are fertile soil for Satan to come in and confuse, accuse and tempt.

Listen, as a pastor I expect to be held to a higher standard.  If the church is not growing under my leadership then there is something wrong with my leadership.  I understand this!!  I also understand that certain personalities and characters fit with certain congregations.  There is always the possibility that whatever church I serve at may not be the right fit (I believe it has been here at KCC.  I've been here for 10 years).  If the church is not growing, people are not serving and people are not being encouraged to care for one another then it will be my responsibility to step down (Am I making accusations?  No, but I would implore you to think about what I just said).  If I stepped down I would then need to reevaluate my ministry to God's people and learn from the experience.  In fact, this has happened to me!

The church I was at before coming to KCC let me go.  It was a bad experience.  I hated every moment of it. I felt wronged, betrayed, and I was hurt and angry.  I never gave up my faith in God though.  I never made the church look any worse than it did already.  I encouraged people to continue going and supporting the church and leadership.  I kept my dignity.  I looked towards God for the next thing he had planned for me, and do you know what happened?  God blessed me!  Through what I consider some miraculous circumstances I ended up coming to KCC and I could see God's hand in it every step of the way.

I hesitate in posting this to my blog as I know it will ruffle feathers, but as the Pastor of KCC I believe that truth needs to be spoken and people need to be challenged.  I understand the hurt and emotions that people are experiencing, but I also understand that we have to move forward.  To allow these emotions to reign within us is to allow Satan victory over KCC.  This cannot happen!!  For God's glory, this cannot happen.  We have to move forward for his glory!!

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