Thursday, June 30, 2011

Now This is True Religion

Tonight a good woman went home to be with her Father. It saddens me to know that Carrie Wolff has left so unexpectedly, and yet I am filled with joy that she is now home.

Anytime someone you know passes away it gives an opportunity for pause and reflection. I have had the privilege of knowing the Wolffs for ten years. Willy and Carrie were attending KCC when we first came. Willy would later become our facility manager and I got the chance to get to know him and the family. In fact, for a while I could say we were family with them.

One thing that, as I look back on those years, that really strikes me about the Wolffs is their Christlike love for people and in particular the down trodden. Willy and Carrie were serious about taking care of the widows and orphans. Carrie worked in adult care and through it they adopted at least two widows and at least one orphan who literally became family. On top of this they were always concerned about those who might be lonely during the holidays. There were a number of years where they organized, hosted and even provided food on the holidays for anyone and particularly those without family. If anyone practiced true religion it was the Wolffs.

The Wolffs are a rare people. Not many people truly show the love of Christ the way they have done. They are a true example and inspiration. Carrie will be greatly missed, and though she is gone I still want to say thank you for setting the example.

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