Monday, July 5, 2010

Haiti Trip - 7 5 2010

This is the last night in Haiti. After 7 days of hot humidness it is finally raing. So refreshing. It is being coupled with mostly darkness and some candle light. The generator has been off most of the day and doesn't look like it is coming back on.

Today was a good day with everyone doing something a little different. Louie, Patty, the teens and I helped inventory the store/supply room. Tom, Ken, Dave and Lisa painted (Lisa also helped in the store room). Melissa got to play doctor in the hospital. Later Mandy and Kati got to help in the Pharmacy and after lunch Louie and I did a three hour seminar for around 20 people on how to study the Bible. It was a good day.

How am I doing personally? I love culture and so I find it hard to want to leave. I could spend my life doing mission work, but God has called me to other things.

I can't help but think about Louvnie. She is sitting in her tent tonight with hardly nothing. I can only imagine what it is like for her. It is probably dark over there. How I ache for her. I have told Betty that if what she says is true I would like to try and help her family. God says to take care of the widows and orphans. This is true religion.

Some just called up from outside and said they have gas. The lights will be coming on soon with the internet and life will start to shift back to normal as we prepare to leave home. I don't want it to be normal, but I know it must. The good thing is, I think normal actually has a little change to it. At least I hope and pray.

I have decided to try and return with another team in six months. I haven't talked to my wife, but I would like to make Haiti apart of our family life. It was my desire to be on the mssion field when I was in college. I may not be able to be on it full time, but perhaps I can be on it part time with my family.

May God guide us in knowing what to do. Thank you Lord for this opportunity to serve. Give my family more oportunities to serve you. Teach us about ourselves and help us to see that it is not about ourselves but others.


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