Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I Am Becoming So Politically Minded

If you would have asked me three years what I thought about the current state of our government and/or economy I would have not been able to give you an answer.  Up until I started teaching ethics at our local community college I really had not desire to get involved in politics.  As I began to teach social ethics it became abundantly clear that I needed to be more savvy about the goings on of our government.  Now I am very concerned.

This country of ours was founded on the two great principles of liberty and democracy.  Liberty, the right to choose for one's self as long as it does not harm someone else.  Democracy, the ability of a people to govern themselves through mutual decision making, otherwise known as "for the people by the people."  Unfortunately these two great principles are under attack by those who have different ideals that limit liberty and true democracy.

I am becoming increasingly concerned about the direction our country is headed in.  Our economy is bad.  Pray has been banned from the White House.  The Christian religion is coming under ever increasing fire.  The liberty and democracy that enabled me to enjoy life as child (even though I did not understand it) is rapidly vanishing.  My biggest concern, my children will never be able to experience what I did growing up.  They will find themselves pressured into allowing the government to strip them of their liberty and accept the paternalism of a nanny government.  They already feel the affects of what is happening.

I am but one person, but I want to do all that I can to help this country maintain liberty and true democracy.  Therefore I am becoming more and more outspoken.  Some may disagree with this.  I am a pastor after all.  Shouldn't a pastor be silent when it comes to politics?  The answer is a resounding no.  For not only am I a pastor, but I am a citizen of the United States of America where liberty and democracy are cherished concepts.  Will I ever endorse a political candidate, party or view from the pulpit?  No, I will never knowingly do so.  Will I use other avenues and means available to educate others and fight for liberty and democracy.  Yes, by any means!!  Will I look down on anyone for having a different political outlook or opinion?  I will try my hardest not to as long as they can articulate why they believe the way they do.

So I do not apologize for any political emphasis this blog may take.  I am still committed to Jesus and always will be.  My commitment to my God and Savior comes first.  I will also commit myself to making this country a place of liberty and democracy for my children's sake.

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