Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book Review: The [Expanded] Bible: New Testament

The tagline for The [Expanded] Bible (New Testament) is “Study the Bible While You Read.”  So I got one, opened it and read.  My first impression…CONFUSING!!!  Isn’t this supposed to be an easy way to Bible study as you read?  I soon discovered that in order to use it I needed to know the key.  There are different indicators used to show whether a word can be translated in other ways, can be taken in an alternative direction, has a literal rendering and/or traditional rendering found in the KJV, needs more explaining, has a cross-reference or parallel scripture and has surrounding conflict due to discrepancies between manuscripts.  Not as simple as I thought it would be.

After using it for awhile it became easier to decipher, but reading it is just plain…clunky (for a lack of a better word) due to all the bracketing and extra info inserted in the text.  The version itself is based on a paraphrase The New Century Version.  This could pose some problem for people who are anti-paraphrase (I don't like a lot of paraphrases).  I’m not going to say it doesn’t have value though, but I am going to stick to traditional methods of Bible study.

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