Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SOAP - 1 Corinthians 1:17

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1 Corinthians 1:17

"For Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel, and not with words of eloquent wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power." (ESV)



"I was not send by Christ for the sole purpose of baptism, but to preach the Gospel, the most important reason.  Even so, I did not come to you preaching the Gospel with impressive speeches for if it were by speech that you believed then it would be my speech that had power and not the cross of Christ."

What is God saying?

I have heard it said that some evangelists are only concerned with getting a person to pray the prayer of salvation and that is it.  The job that has been given us is not to get someone to pray a prayer or make sure they are baptized.  Jesus said "Go and make disciples..."  To paraphrase this well know passage... "While you are living your life make disciples.  As you make disciples baptize them and teach them everything I have commanded you."  Baptizing and teaching are a part of the process of making disciples.  Baptizing is not the goal.  Paul understood this but people in Corinth did not.  They missed the point.  God is saying that we must keep the main thing...the main thing.  The focus is Christ.  For mature Christians it is preaching Christ and helping others develop a relationship with him.  For converts and baby Christians it is not getting the messenger confused with the message.  The focus is Christ.

What is God saying to me?

I think I fall into the trap of letting people focus on me, the messenger, more then Christ.  It is not intentional.  I would never want people following me, but I am human with an ego, and there is a certain amount of appeal to people holding you in high esteem and regard.  As a Christian leader I need to make sure that I am continually pointing others to Christ. 

Right now the leadership of this church is making some decisions that are not popular.  It is real tempting to go back on those decisions because of this.  Truth be told, it is probably good that we are making people a little uncomfortable with us for it is our job to get them beyond us to Christ.  Following Jesus is definitely not a popular thing, but it is the best thing.  Loving others means doing what is right and best.  Doing what is right may be a little hard, but it is definitely harder then doing what is best.  What is best for our church is to get them beyond us and themselves and help them connect with Jesus.


Christ needs to be my focus in everything I do.  I know I have been talking about my connection with the church, but I also need to take this attitude into every aspect of my life.  My kids need to see Jesus through me.  My students need to see Jesus through me.  My job is to get people beyond me to Jesus.  So how do I apply this exactly?  First, I need to continue growing in Christ likeness.  Second, I need to allow the Holy Spirit to work through me in pointing others to Jesus.


Father, I am a mere mortal who struggles with all the weakness that come with being human.  I am a selfish being.  I am powerless to do anything but what my nature dictates.  That is why I need you.  "Be strong in the Lord and the strength of his might."  You are my might and my power.  I need your help in getting people to look beyond me to you.  Help me to continue to grow more and more like you.  Help me know how to use my life to point to you.  Help me to never, never get comfortable with people looking towards me.  Help me to make people uncomfortable with who I am and more comfortable with who you are.  You are an awesome God.  Amen.

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