Monday, July 20, 2009

Are You A Church Dater?

I'm read a small book by Joshua Harris called Stop Dating the Church.  I've only started but already it has given excellent food for thought.  Joshua's purpose for writing this book is to challenge the way may Christians approach church.  They approach it as if it were a dating relationship with someone of the opposite sex.  In helping a person identify whether they are a church dater he gives three characteristics.  I would challenge you to look at these three characteristics and see how you compare.  It maybe that you need to read the book as well.

Characteristic 1 - Your attitude towards church is "me-centered."  You go for the social interaction, activities and programs.  The question which drives your involvement is "what can church do for me?"

Characteristic 2 - You are independent.  You go to church because that is what a Christian is supposed to do, but you avoid getting to deeply involved.  You go through the motions without investing yourself in the church.

Characteristic 3 - You are critical towards the church.  You are quick to find fault in the church which feeds your lack of investment and commitment.  You treat church with a consumer mentality - looking for the best product for the price of your Sunday morning.  You are like a lover, with a wandering eye, always on the hunt for something better.

I'll be frank.  I have been very discouraged with the lack of commitment by people who were a part of our church.  I'm beginning to see that those who we thought were committed were merely church daters, but before judgment is really proclaimed, perhaps all of us should step back and take a good and hard look at ourselves.  Are we church daters as well?