Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday Sessions - Middle School Camp

Finally got online using my computer.  Yeah!!!

Yesterday morning Adrian spoke on proving Jesus to be God.  He basically said that the best way to prove this is through the miracle of the resurrection.  I won't go into detail about this but simply say that the evidence for the resurrection surpasses much of the evidence for commonly known facts such as George Washington crossing the Delaware.

Adrian explained how a person could use the legal historical method (developed by atheist turned Christian Simon Greenleaf), that is learning how to use historical evidence to suggest the strong possibility that an event did or did not occur.

He also pointed out that the prophecies in the Old Testament fulfilled by Jesus beat odds that scientists would say are statistically impossible.

Overall a good session on defending one's faith and/or helping the honest skeptic see the validity of Christianity and in particular Jesus being God in the flesh.

The second session was an evangelistic session.  Basically Adrian showed how the word "believed" has changed over time and doesn't mean the same as it does in the Bible.  John 3:16 says that whoever "believes" in Jesus will have everlasting life.  The question is, what does believe really mean.

There are two types of belief.  Head belief and heart belief.  In John 2:23 it says that people "believed" in Jesus's name but Jesus did not give themselves to them.  They had head belief, but their belief only led them so far.

Adrian showed how head belief is not enough.  In order for head belief to change into heart belief one must allow the belief to direct a persons actions.  Heart belief doesn't allow anything to get in the way.  A person who believes in Jesus will stop at nothing to get to know him and get closer to him.

All of our boys responded to the message.  Four of them recommmitted themselves to Christ and three of them gave their lives to Christ!!!  Praise God!!!

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