Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm at Jr. High camp this week. The theme of the week is "Myth Busters". Our speaker, Adrian Despres, is busting the myths of Christianity.

Our first evening session was pretty good. Adrian used the story of Peter and the apostles getting into trouble with the Jewish leaders to debunk the myth that Christianity is boring (and that Middle Schoolers can't do anything significant for Christ). He started out by defining passion as "being willing to suffer until a goal is acheived" and "making suffering look like entertainment". Acts 4 shows the disciples preaching the Gospel, getting jailed for preaching the Gospel, being freed by an angel, being told to continue to preach by the angel, standing trial before the rulers, preaching the Gospel during the trial, being severely beaten and told to stop preaching with the result of rejoicing over having suffered for Christ and continuing to preach the Gospel daily despite possibility of more punishment and the possibility of death (huge breath).

Christianity is definitely not boring! It takes passion (suffering that looks like enertainment (Adrian's definition)) to be a Christian, and it doesn't matter how old you are. Anyone can have passion for Christ.

The teens were left with a challenge. "Do you love Jesus and do you want to be passionate for him?"

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Thanks for the update on what our teens are learning at camp! Lynette