Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BlueFish TV Apologizes

I got a call today from a BlueFish TV representative. Though I appreciate the call and an apology, I'm still left feeling a little let down as I've had time to think this over. The apology that was made was for putting me on their "preferred customer" list. It wasn't an apology saying "You are right. We are doing business practices that secular companies are not doing," and there was even a denial of playing upon my Christian morals.

I don't want to be too harsh. I know that BlueFish TV is better then a lot of so called Christian companies out there. They do have a heart for ministry and they are a non-profit organization. Technically they aren't supposed to be in it for the money, and I can see this through some of the things they do. For instance, you can download video teaching tools that only cost a couple of bucks where other Christian companies who do the same thing charge unbelievable prices. So kudos to BlueFish TV.

What I personally think BlueFish TV should do is ask you if you would like to be on their preferred customer list clearly stating that you will be periodically receiving material to preview with the option to purchase. In fact, they could even ask these people to fill out a survey concerning the material they are previewing and offer them a small discount for their time. This way everything is on the up and up allowing us to all get along and love one another like Christian brothers and sisters should.

So while I say thank you to BlueFish TV for the phone call and apology I still challenge you to rethink some things. I also need to offer a public apology to them as well. On the phone I said "It's no big deal." In reality it was a big deal or I wouldn't have ranted, and it was a big deal for them as a company trying to do something good.

I don't want to discourage anyone from checking out BlueFish TV and purchasing their material, but as you do so you might want to leave an email asking them to change their preferred customer policy.

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