Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Larry Norman Has an Illegitimate Son?

I am a fan of Larry Norman. In fact I like to defend him against Keith Green who has been labeled the father of Christian rock. If it wasn't for Larry Norman there would be no Christian rock. He was a pioneer shunned by church and mainstream Christian music. Despite is unpopularity amongst the established church, those who had seen him in concert and met him have had nothing but good to say. So it was quite a shocker to see this video talking about Larry's illegitimate son.

I Am the Son of Larry Norman

Many people attribute their salvation to Larry Norman. He was often described as being the most Christlike person they have ever met. So what happened?

If you remember, last year Ray Boltz came out of the closet. I had written a post about it; how Ray's lack of true fellowship had contributed to the path he has chosen. It seems like Larry Norman had a similar situation. Larry, who always seemed to be there to listen to those who needed to talk, had no one to talk to himself. When Larry's family was contacted concerning his son they responded by saying Larry never told them anything about him.

You might say this could be an attempt by a woman to get some type of recognition. It isn't like it has happened before. I would agree, but I would also say there is quite a bit of convincing proof. Putting all that aside, whether it be true or not, this situation serves as a reminder that God created all of us to be in relationship with others. I'm not talking about superficial relationship but deep and honest relationship. If you don't have someone you can talk to and confide in you could, and probablyl are, headed down a dangerous road. It doesn't matter who you are you need other Christians to be involved in your life.

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Louie Marsh said...

I too am a huge fan of Larry, and was sad about a year ago when I first heard of this.

I think you are absolutely right on this - true fellowship always has the component of accountability. Something Larry clearly needed, and a lot of "Christian Entertainers" need today as well!