Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's Going On With the Youth

I keep forgetting to bring my camera from home. I tried using the church video camera and for some reason I cannot get the video to post. So there is my excuse for not having something up for the last couple of weeks.

On Wednesday nights we have been doing an exercise in defending our faith. I found two videos, put out by the same person, trying hard to refute Christianity and show how it is not rational and, as the second video puts it, how Jesus is a lunatic. I am showing these videos to the teens and allowing them to discuss the information in their small groups. I feel that these two videos are indicative of the types of silly arguments people use against Christianity.

So not to keep you out of the loop and to give you an exercise in rational thinking I am posting these videos here. Have fun with them. If you are a parent sit down and discuss these with your teen.

10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer

WARNING: This next video shows a few seconds of scantily clad women in an attempt to make a point.

Why does every intelligent Christian disobey Jesus?

So how would you defend your faith against what he has to say? Post your response.

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Suzy said...

Wow! Maybe I should come to Youth Group and get some answers! Right now I'm speechless.............