Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a Great Family

This morning my 9 year old son comes in to my room and says "Dad, I made you a breakfast burrito!  Oh, and mom says wake up it's time to go to work."

My wife packed up some meat in a bag so I could make salads for lunch.  When I got to the church I find not only meat but a couple of Tavas she must have picked up at the store for me because she knows how much I like them.

My 14 year old daughter made sure that I got a hug and kiss from her before I went to work this morning.

It is easy for a person to only see the negative aspects of their family...At least it is easy for me.  It is easy for me to focus on those negative aspects and never look for the positive.  When the positives are looked for something truly amazing happens.  The seen positives only strengthen one's love for those whom he says he loves, not to mention the positive impact it has on one's day. 

Thanks guys!!!!

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