Monday, August 4, 2008

Youth Group - Wednesday Night (08/06/08)

First off, WE ARE HAVING A LOCKIN THIS WEDNESDAY AFTER YOUTH GROUP!!!! They talked me into it. It begins directly after youth and ends at 9am the next morning. The teens need to bring a little money (I think it is $5) for food. They can bring their game systems but games will be screened.

Okay, now that's over with....

We will be talking about how to use the 10 Commandments as a tool to witness. Below is my outline.

Using the Ten Commandments to Share the Gospel

Remember the SHARE principles.

Jesus is the answer to sin, but what about those people who think they are basically good people or those people who don't have a concept of "sin"?

People have trouble with seeing themselves as being "sinful." The reason is that we live in a humanistic society (self is at the center of life).

In Humanism, self determines what is right and wrong.

If we want to help people come to know Jesus we must help them see that living life where right and wrong are determined by the individual is pointless. If everyone did whatever they wanted what would be the point to life. Life would be one huge ball of chaos.

A majority of Americans still believe in God. So, when we are talking to people about God, why not start with the assumption that God determines what is right and wrong.

If God determines right and wrong then it is possible to disobey God, and there are natural consequences to disobedience.

How does a person know they have disobey? We can use God's simple law of 10 commandments to determine whether we have disobeyed or not. In fact, we really only need to use three. God says we are not to lie, steal or covet. There is not a person alive who can say they have never done any of these.

By helping people see that they have broken God's holy law they can come to the realization that they are sinners in need of a Savior.

Remember, the Bible teaches that anyone who breaks one law is guilty of breaking it all (James 2:10)

No one has lived a perfect life. Everyone is guilty of breaking God's holy law. (Romans 3:23)

If you are guilty of breaking the law then you deserve to be punished. (Romans 6:23a)

Fortunately for us God loves us and has provided a way to escape the punishment. (John 3:16).

The gift of eternal life only comes through Jesus, God's son. (Romans 6:23b)

Each of us is given the same opportunity to accept Jesus' gift by believing he did what the Bible says he did. By believing that he died for us we should also believe that he knows the best way for life to be lived. He modeled this for us. The best way to live life is found in the Bible.

At this point a person should be given the chance to accept Jesus' gift of eternal life, free of punishment.

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