Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some Thoughts on Worship

I love music and I love worship, but I have to confess that my attitude about musical worship had got a little rotten for a period of time. Can you believe a youth pastor is confessing that!!! The whole reason I had become so pessimistic about worship is because every youth function that had "worship" I felt was pretty much a rock concert. I began to believe that what teens wanted was a great band and cool music. To some extent that may be true.

Well, things have changed a bit for me. I no longer feel pessimistic towards musical worship. I believe that God created music as a means to connect us in various different ways. Through the medium of music people have been able to express emotions and feelings in ways that couldn't be expressed otherwise. These songs then become the expression of other hearts. I remember many songs in specific that hit me at certain times in my own life. Don't laugh, but anything from the band Chicago always get me choked up because I began listening to them when I went through a troubled period in a relationship I was in. Same with the song "I Will Always Love You" in the movie "The Body Guard." I don't really need to say any more about this do I. Almost everyone can identify with what I am saying.

Even though music can connect us humans to one another in a way that cannot be achieved without it I think God created it to connect with us and us with him. Sometimes it is hard for us to say certain things to God and then all of a sudden this song comes up and it seems to express perfectly what is on the mind. Musical worship can be a wonderful tool to connect us with God.

I feel my heart changing as I get closer to God. Believe me, I'm a long way from feeling very close to God, but I notice little things happening. Worship is one of those. We had quit doing worship for awhile in youth. It is time to bring it back, but I want to be able to teach them exactly what musical worship is about. It isn't about it being a "good song" to sing. It is about allowing it to help us express our love and devotion to God.

I am excited to see this develop in my life and in the lives of others.

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