Monday, August 18, 2008

Hell - The Conclusion

continued from Hell - On a Philosophical Level

So the traditional concept of hell may not be exactly accurate, but it is also not unfounded. As English speakers we will continue to use the word hell to describe what happens in the end, but we have to be real about what Scripture teaches. Either way you look at it, whether it be a literal place of flame or not, it is a place you and I don’t want to be.

In conclusion is it wrong to assume that hell is an eternal fiery place? I would say that taking the Scripture literally would lead to such a conclusion. Personally, I believe Jesus used ghastly images to convey the truth about what is to come after the physical death. One is Gehenna, the ever burning garbage dump and the other is a lake of fire where even Satan and his demons will be punished. Jesus constantly used parables in his teaching to help people understand what he was talking about. I do believe he was clear that hell is a literal eternal place (physical, spiritual or both), and that it is a place you or I do not want to be. I believe there is the clear use of metaphor when it comes to hell. Gehenna and its ever burning garbage correspond to the eternal nature of “hell.” The Lake of fire suggests a place of unimaginable discomfort and torment that I can only conjecture is the result of not being with God.

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