Tuesday, August 19, 2008

California Declares "No Religious Exemption for Doctors"

I came across this article from OneNewsNow.com. Just to let you know, I don't fully endorse OneNewsNow.com because they sometimes tend to be on the extreme right, but they are a good source of information concerning what is happening in our culture.

The article is title "Calif. court: Homosexual rights trump religious freedom"

A judgment was made concerning a case between a lesbian woman and a Christian doctor who would not artificially inseminate her. He did however refer her to another doctor who would. As a result, he was sued and the court ruled in favor of the patient. The doctor can no longer "discriminate" against homosexuals based upon his religious convictions.

This isn't a matter of health care. The doctor said no but still provided information so that she could have had it done elsewhere. This is a matter of religious discrimination. This judgment has the potential to affect not just doctors but almost any profession in California. No Christian professional or business person will have the right to decline services based upon religious convictions. I wonder if this extends to Muslims?

Read the article for more info.

This country was clearly founded upon liberty. The basic principle of liberty, as John Stuart Mill defined it, is simply the right of an individual to do and act in whatever manner that want as long as it does not hurt others. Is liberty being stifled, particularly Christian liberty? Some may argue that what the doctor did "hurt" the patient. I could see this point if the doctor flat out said he wouldn't do it and then proceeded to condemn her because of his religious believes. Instead, he refused but respected her right to freedom of choice and provided her with info on another doctor who would. As a result, a doctor's liberty has been taken from him and FORCED to submit to the ideals, not of a state, but of people who are employed by the state. This is a sad day in America.

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