Monday, August 18, 2008

Answering a Challenge About Hell

Pastor Louie sent me a link from Real Live Preacher, the blog of Gordon Atkinson, pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in San Antonio. The particular page Louie sent me to issues a challenge (or exercise) concerning hell. I decided to take on the challenge. Here it is in condensed form:
Okay, so here's the deal: if you believe in hell, I want you to help us understand why. I invite anyone who believes that non-Christians are going to an eternal hell to make your case. We're going to play by your rules too. Bible arguments only...because if you're talking about hell, you better damn well be able to open your holy book and show us why.

  1. Email only.
  2. New Testament only
  3. You need to make a good, solid New Testament case.
  4. You may need to answer any opposing Scriptures I send back to you.
  5. You need to provide scriptural evidence for all three elements of hell. (Hell exists, non-Christians will end up there, and it is forever)
  6. Serious responses...
I have broken up my response into a series of posts to make it easier to read. Have fun!!! You can access them all at once here.

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