Saturday, July 26, 2008

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

I have been reading Mark Driscoll's (pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle) blog. He did a four part series on his favorite past preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Instead of going into Spurgeon's history I will direct you to what Mark wrote here. I will say this though. Both Mark and Spurgeon are Reformed in theology. Though I don't agree with everything they believe and teach (namely Calvanism) I do find Mark's sermons and blog very insightful. Even though I may disagree with Calvans I can still learn from my Calvanistic brothers.

So why am I writing about him? Somewhere along the line I picked up three books I've been meaning to read. They date from 1884, 1893 and 1894. The first is "My Sermon-Notes" from Genesis to Proverbs. The second and third are "Lectures To My Students" the second and third series. Reading what Driscoll had to say about Spurgeon made me want to pull these hundred plus year old books out and see what they had to say, and so I want to share it with you because chances are you are never going to read them.

So I will start with the oldest and will summarize, sermon by sermon, the book "My Sermon-Notes." I hope to understand the passion that Driscoll sees in Spurgeon, and I hope to be inspired by this man just as thousands of people before me have. I also hope that by doing this you to will be inspired to do what God has called us to do.

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