Thursday, July 3, 2008

40 Days of Purpose - Email Sent to the Prayer Team

I just sent this email to the KCC prayer team, but I thought I would post it here as well. I am in need of people who pray.

Here it is:

Hey all. As you probably know, I have volunteered to be the 40 Days of Purpose Campaign Director. In preparing for the upcoming 40 Days of Purpose it has been impressed upon me that I need a whole lot of prayer. Who better to ask then you, our prayer team?

Some of you may be wondering what 40 Days of Purpose is all about so I would like to give you a short synopsis.

40 Days of Purpose will serve three purposes. First, it will hopefully be a shot in the arm for all of us. Over the 40 days of the campaign we will be looking at what God has created us for. The campaign is designed to not only introduce us to or remind us of these purposes but to motivate us into living these purposes out. The five basic purposes he has created us for are: We were created to please God, be a part of the God's family, be like Jesus, serve God and tell others about God. Each one of these purposes gives our life direction.

The second reason we are doing 40 Days of Purpose is that it will serve as a catalyst for small groups. Our church has many small groups but we would like to see everyone involved in a community of believers. The only interaction that some people get with fellow Christians is on Sunday morning. We will be encouraging everyone to get involved with a group of like minded people. These groups will serve as a source of encouragement and accountability.

The third reason we are doing 40 Days of Purpose is to see our church grow. We are not looking for growth that comes from other believers leaving their church and coming to ours. We are looking for growth from the unchurched population of Kingman. We want to see people come to know God in a very personal way and join our family here at KCC.

Now you know why we are doing 40 Days of Purpose. This is a campaign that will only last 40 Days, or six weeks. We hope and pray that it will be a spiritual boost for all members of KCC to fulfill the purposes God has created us for.

As I am preparing for 40 Days of Purpose I need your prayers to cover me and the team of people God leads me to. One of the very first tasks I have is to assemble a team of people to help me do the necessary preparations. Specifically I need people to fill the following spots:
  1. Prayer Leader - Someone who will recruit a church wide prayer team and develop and implement a prayer strategy throughout all the church's ministries.
  2. Communications Leader - Someone who will develop and implement a communications plan. This person will identify all the communication points and avenues in the church, choose and produce the needed promotional materials, and oversee the implementation of all communications strategies.
  3. Small Groups Leader - Someone will recruit a team to help develop and implement the strategy for launching small groups that best suits our church. The team itself will have the responsibility for recruiting and training small group leaders.
  4. Special Events Leader - Someone who will recruit a team to help organize and implement the elements of three major events that take place during 40 Days of Purpose.
Please covenant with me to pray for God's direction in who these people should be.

As various prayers come up I will be sure to make you aware of them. Thank you for your help.

Pastor Brian


Anonymous said...

Is everyone going to be on the SAME time schedule for the 40 days or will that vary from small group to small group? Will each group get to decide when their 40 day study starts?
Lynette :)

Pastor Brian B Van Dyke said...

Everybody will be on the same time schedule. Each week of the 40 Days of Purpose will have a theme. The theme will be preached upon, small groups will talk about it, and the devotional readings will coincide with it. Everybody will be doing the same thing every week. We will all be on the same page.