Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Youth Group - Wednesday Night 06/18

Let me start off by talking about myself for a little bit. My story has a lot to do with tonight's lesson. I grew up in the church. I officially accepted Christ into my life when I was at a Jr. High camp. I became a leader in my High School youth group in Hermiston, OR.

As I reflect back over my high school career I am struck by one awful sad reality. I never invited anyone to church. In case you didn't hear it the first time I NEVER INVITED ANYONE TO CHURCH! Sure, I thought I was being the good evangelist that I was supposed to be, but in reality I was playing or acting at being the good Christian while never reproducing.

I got on to my myspace account and starting doing a search of people that I went to school with. Sadly, I could not find one Christian among them. What happened? The answer, I never really reach out to my friends. Sure, they new I was a Christian, but I must have never given them any reason to really look at my faith and question me about it.

I don't want this to happen in our youth group. I have realized that, though, I talk about telling others about Christ and emphasize it almost every Wednesday night I have not held our students accountable. Though we discuss it I don't know if they have ever felt the expecation of "this is what I am supposed to do."

Tonight we are making our HIT lists. HIT stands for "Hearts In Transition." With these lists we are going to pray, we are going to team up, and we are going to let God use us to introduce Him to our friends. We are not going to sit on the side lines anymore. We are going to take our faith to the next level.

How can parents get involved. Talk to your teen about their HIT list. Start teaming up with them. Come up with some ideas that you can do together so that God can use your family to win their friends to Christ. Pray together. Ask God for the boldness and wisdom needed to share Christ. As for a softening of hearts by God and open ears to hear Him calling.

Let's all work together and make an impact on those around us for Christ!!!

The devotion the teens did tonight was from Dare 2 Share. Click here to see it. You can also get a parent's discussion guide if you sign up with Dare 2 Share. It's free and packed full of resources.

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That is an awesome idea!