Tuesday, June 3, 2008

They're Off!!!

Well we just got back from taking Kaelisa and Katiana to the airport in Vegas. Kaelisa will be touring Philadelphia and New York for a week with some classmates and Katiana is visiting the Roberts family in Maryland. Both have never been further east then Idaho, Utah and Arizona. What an experience for them, and what an experience for us.

Of course I'm not the one to worry as much as my wife, but I have to say that sending my girls off on their very first "solo" trip is a little cause for worry. Kaelisa is going to be with her teacher and class mates, but Kati is going to be by herself after they land in Atlanta and then on the way back home. Pray that everything goes well and that both are safe especially Kati on her way back. My biggest concern is that they will stop her because she is only 12 even though they told me that she could be unaccompanied.

My girls are growing up. Time sure does fly.

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