Monday, June 30, 2008

Preparing for 40 Days of Purpose - It Takes a Lot of Prayer

As I am sitting, reading the training material for 40 Days of Purpose I am beginning to get a sense for how big this campaign can be for our Church. Before I go into that I should back up and answer a basic question that was presented to me on Sunday. What is 40 Days of Purpose.

Without going into a lot of detail, 40 Days of Purpose is a spiritual campaign that was developed by Pastor Rick Warren for Saddle Back Church. Because of its success Saddle Back began to share it with other churches. Each church that does it is encouraged to tailor it to their church.

40 Days of Purpose is really a spiritual shot in the arm. Or maybe a more current analogy would be a spiritual energy drink. It is designed to first, help people understand what the the Bible says their purpose in this life is. Second, it is designed to help people live that purpose. Finally, it is designed to grow the church through introducing non-Christians to Christ.

I am very excited about this for I believe that it is really going to challenge all of us KCCers.

The only way this is going to get accomplished is if it is God led and that means PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and did I mention PRAY!!!!!

I believe that God will do something great here at KCC, but all of us have got to be on board and all of us have got to be praying. This has got to be God led. It cannot be any other way. This should be a comfort to us all for if it is God led then He is responsible for the outcome. Like I said, if we let Him lead I think we all will be very surprised at what He does.

Please covenant with me to pray, pray, pray for this important step in our church life.

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KingAzJay said...

I may not be there every Sunday (or any Sunday as the case may be) but I will lift you and the church up in prayer!