Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jesus Isn't the Only Way - Could Pastors Be the Problem? Part 2

Continued from part 1

Sorry for the abrupt ending but I thought this post was going too long.

The reason I told the story of my first full time youth ministry position is to illustrate the point I want to make. Where was the pastor when I was going through hell? He spoke up for me once but when it was obvious no one was going to listen he never said another word.

There are too many pastors out there who don't feel like they can do their job because they are under the thumb of an elder or deacon board, or they know that all it takes is a vote from dissatisfied church members who have been allowed to gossip and murmur. Many pastors have been made to feel powerless and so their focus is on pleasing the congregation instead of doing what God has called them to do. I have seen this in many Christian churches.

I know there are dangers in giving the pastor too much power, but then again I have to ask myself concerning power happy pastors, "What were these people thinking when they hired that guy!!" There does need to be accountability set in place, but the people who are supposed to be accountable can't be power happy elders!!

I think we are fortunate here at KCC. The pastor has the authority to lead the church, but we have some pretty awesome men of God as elders who keep the pastor accountable. They don't see their jobs as being watch dogs though but co-workers with the pastor. We can be confident that the leaders of this church are doing what God is directing them (and the church) to do.

Even with such godly men I still know there is a temptation to please people. People can make your life a living hell or they can make it a blissful heaven. I know I would rather have heaven then hell, but that's the point. It is better to go through hell here on earth then hell in the afterlife. Those who try to please people are not true God followers. Pastors must do what God has called them to do. Pastors must take risks even when people are unhappy about it. On the other hand, Pastors must inspire and influence those who are supposed to be following.

Is the reason for people not believing Jesus is the only way a fault of the pastors? I wouldn't place the total blame on them, but maybe there is some truth to the accusation. I for one don't want to be guilty of being a people pleaser for I know that if I am then people will not see the truth. I would rather offend and know the truth has been spoken.

So what do you think?


gcheney1 said...

At the beginning of your post you commented about the pastor not being around when you were struggling. Here is my take on church staffs after 9 years in full-time ministry. Most pastors are not gifted administratively, so they struggle with managing a staff. I have seen the healthiest church staffs complimented by an associate or executive pastor who has business experience with the spiritual gift of administration. Unfortunately, most church staffs are dysfunctional. I have found this to be the biggest struggle in ministry.
- Greg from Faith First Fitness

Anonymous said...


We are so thankful you are NOT in to being a people pleaser!! We need to be Jesus pleasers!! Besides, it’s impossible to please people!! You may change something one person doesn’t like and five others complain about the change.

Love you guys! Keep up the godly work!

The Weeds